Thursday, March 3, 2011

BCPA (Bexar County Psychological Association) Jeopardy

BCPA Jeopardy 11/7/08

Answer:  Poonam Sharma, Tova Rubin, Melissa Graham
Question:  Name three past presidents of BCPA

Answer: Alex, Bradley, Caleb, Colin, Ian, Greg, Nikki
Question: Name all the EC’s kids under the age of 18

Answer: Private practice, Audie Murphy VA and Wilford Hall
Question: Where do members of the EC practice?

CATEGORY: Psychology in SA
Answer: SAPA or ASAP
Question: Name two acronyms we considered in our ill-fated attempt to rename BCPA so it would be easy to find when searching using the keywords San Antonio.

Answer: Just under one page
Question:  How many psychologists are listed in the Greater San Antonio Yellow Pages under the heading Psychologists?

Answer: Water Street Oyster Bar, The Hungry Horse Restaurant and the Conference Room at Oak Ridge Square
Question: Name 3 places where BCPA’s monthly continuing ED seminars are held.

CATEGORY: Psychology as a Profession
Answer: Almost $500 per year, Almost $300 per year, exactly $60
Question: What is the cost of annual membership in APA, TPA and BCPA?

Answer: 12
Question: How many CEUs are needed annually for license renewal in Texas but also, how many CEUs can you get if you attend BCPA’s Spring and Fall Workshops?

Answer: $95,000 vs $53,000
Question:  Median annual income for a psychologist in Texas according to APA’s 2007 salary survey, vs median annual income for a psychologist in Texas according to the US Dept of Labor’s 2007 salary survey.  More specifically, what is the median income for psychologists in independent practice in the South West Central United States based on only 69 data points and the median number of years in independent practice was 25 vs the US Dept of Labors Office of Employment Statistics 2007 salary survey based on 4390 Clinical Counseling and School Psychologists in the state of Texas.

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