Saturday, April 26, 2014

An introduction to my upcoming TED talk in a series of haikus

As mentioned in my earlier blogs, I am excited to be presenting at TEDxVail on the topic of friendship. The amazing group of  women who will be presenting that day have been meeting online each month to develop our talks and support each other in our efforts. One of the presenters is a poet, which got us on the topic of poetry. We all decided to write haikus about our upcoming talks. Here's what I wrote:

Why can't we be friends?
If it's only about you
There's nothing for me

Your drama tires me
Stress, anger and resentment?
That's not what I want

When I feel lonely
And It seems like no one cares
Facebook friends are there

Are you a new friend?
You seem nice, I'm not sure yet
An acquaintance still

You are a great friend
Your kind funny sincere joy
Fills my empty places

A strong Friendship House
With the right people inside
Will keep your heart full

I would appreciate your help with my TED talk by clicking on the link below and completing my short survey.:

Check back for future blogs where I will be exploring the topic of friendship further and sharing the results of my survey.

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